Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Three factors that accelerate death of many people in Indonesia


Lack of sleepLack of sleep -  Based on the results of a survey that conducted by Sample Regristration System (SRS) in 2014 in Indonesia, it was revealed that cancer is not the highest cause of death in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country.

Because based on survey results has indicate if coronary heart disease became the highest cause of death up to 12.9 percent.

Did you know, heart disease does not only attack the elderly. But many residents in Indonesia are still in productive period, also affected by deadly disease.

There are several factors that trigger of heart disease that is not known by many people:

1. Stress
From the results of research that conducted on 21 people, it turns out, stress has a risk to accelerate of death. Because stress can increase of cortisol and adrenaline which makes blood sugar rise and blood vessels harden.

Therefore, researchers suggest that we are able to cultivate of stress with meditation. Because people who do meditation can to decreased the risk of heart disease, stroke, and death, up to 50 percent of heart attacks.

2. Lack of sleep
In addition to stress, a habits of lack of sleep, also being factor that cause of heart disease.

When we take a rest, our body works to repair of DNA, increase the levels of vitamin, and produce of antioxidants. People who slept with sufficient intensity until 7 or 8 hours overnight, have 83 percent lower to avoid heart disease.

And fact also prove, people who have a healthy lifestyle have 67 percent lower to avoid from heart disease.

To have a good quality and quantity of sleep, many experts also recommend must sleep in a cool, dark and uninterrupted room, and not sleeping too late.


3. Air pollution

Exposure to air pollution is also one of the factors that cause of heart disease. Because chemicals in polluted air can increase the inflammation in our body, increase of oxidation, and contaminate our vital organs such as the heart.

Scientists in Vancouver, British Columbia, found the fact that increased of noise pollution aslo increase the number of deaths cause heart disease until 6 percent for ten years.

Not only avoid air pollution, the researchers also recommend that we must stay away from cigarette smoke and do not bake food inside the house.



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