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The mayor of Pekanbaru signed Memorandum of Understanding with Bank Riau Kepri


The mayor of Pekanbaru  with Bank Riau KepriThe mayor of Pekanbaru with Bank Riau Kepri -  The City Goverment of Pekanbaru officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bank Riau Kepri about non-cash transaction service.

At the signing of the MoU, the City Goverment of Pekanbaru was directly represented by the Mayor of Pekanbaru, Dr. Firdaus, MT and President Director of Bank Riau Kepri, DR Irvandi Gustari, and witnessed by all stakeholders.

That event took place with the inauguration event of the Bank Riau Kepri (BRK), branch of Pasar Pusat, which was renamed being BRK branch office Pekanbaru, on Thursday, February 8 2018.

Previously, BRK branch office Pekanbaru was known as Pasar Pusat branch, and is located in Pasar Pusat Pekanbaru area or Plaza Sukaramai complex that located on Jalan Sudirman, Pekanbau.

The mayor of Pekanbaru, Firdaus said, the renaming of this branch office is the desire of the City Government (Pemko) of Pekanbaru.

The reason is, Pemko is one of the shareholders in the Regional State-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) that owned by the Government of Riau Province.

He explained, the non-cash transaction service is one of the Smart City program or called as multi function of Smart Card. For example, this card gives ease of paying taxes, health facilities, Trans Metro Pekanbaru transportation, education and facilitate non-cash transactions.

On that occasion, also submitted the program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Bank Riau Kepri to the City Government of Pekanbaru namely QR Foundation operational car.

In addition, the aid from Bank Riau Kepri to three houses of worship in Pekanbaru City ie Arrahman Mosque, Al Falah Mosque and Mutmainnah Mosque.




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