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The Mayor of Pekanbaru, Firdaus MT provide free health services for Pekanbaru citizens through Madani Regional Hospital


The Mayor of Pekanbaru, Dr. Firdaus MTThe Mayor of Pekanbaru, Dr. Firdaus MT - As the capital of Riau Province, Pekanbaru continues to grow more better. Even since under leadership the Mayor of Pekanbaru, Dr. Firdaus MT with his deputy, Ayat Cahyadi, Pekanbaru has managed to become a metropolitan city that is not inferior to other big cities.

Although development in Pekanbaru city still in progresses, Firdaus and Ayat do not forget to fulfill service public to society.

One of them by establishing a regional hospital. Madani Regional Hospital (RSD) was greeted enthusiastically by all circles, especially the people of Pekanbaru.

Madani Regional Hospital located in Garuda Sakti KM 2 street, Tampan sub-district, Pekanbaru city has long been awaited its presence, because people often felt difficult to get quality and affordable health services.

Now, Madani Regional Hospital is getting ready to operate and serving for the community. Now, the soft launching of Madani Regional Hospital by Mayor of Pekanbaru. Firdaus was held, on Friday, December 26, 2017 ago.


During the initial inauguration of Madani Regional Hospital, the community was enthusiastically with the operation of this hospital. The Government of Pekanbaru city officials also present in this event.

The Government of Pekanbaru city not carelessly to establish the Madani Regional Hospital assets.

The location of Madani Regional Hospital is really strategic because it is directly adjacent to Tambang and Tapung Sub-districts, Kampar District. Of course this building, makes more easier for people who come from other districts to get health services, so they do no need to come to the city center.

To the press, Dr. Firdaus mentioned that Madani Regional Hospital is expected to build a smart, healthy society and create a healthy environment.

"The development of Madani Regional Hospital is a reflection of our society who loves their health, but it is also an indicator of people who care about health, build a healthy environment and to build a healthy society," said Dr. Firdaus MT.

But, the operational equipment in Madani Regional Hospital is not complete yet. But, Firdaus promised that all facilities in Madani Regional Hospital will be filled gradually.

Not only that, Firdaus stated, the people of Pekanbaru can used the facilities in Madani Regional Hospital by free just to showing their Identity Card (KTP).

"The free service in Madani Regional Hospital is permanent, but some ot them are limited time, but now, because it is still promotion, so it is free," said Firdaus MT .

For information, the construction of Madani Regional Hospital being multiyear project funded in three budget years.

In 2014, the development spent until IDR 6, 3 billion, in the second year ie in 2015 the development spent IDR 41.4 billion. For the third year, the development spend IDR 42.3 billion.

Total budget for development is IDR 90 billion, with contract value IDR 80, 9 billion.

In a separate place, Plt Director of Madani Regional Hospital, dr Dian Astuti, conveyed their pride of Madani Regional Hospital. Although, now this hospital is still focused on outpatient, but she hopes that Madani Regional Hospital can immediately help the health services to the community.


"This is a good start, we will gradually complete all necessary needs, we hope after othe building is ready to be used and the equipments will be equipped soon," said Dr. Dian.

dr Dian says, although Madani Regional Hospital is still a new hospital, but the quality of service from Madani Regional Hospital is spelled sophisticated.

Because Madani Regional Hospital has a tool that only owned in Madani Regional Hospital, and other hospitals in Riau do not have that tool. She explains, the tool is The LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan, which is used in midwife clinics at Madani Regional Hospital.

The LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan is a tool that uses biophotonics to scan the entire uterine cervix and distal endocervix, with moderate to high grade dysplasia. This tool is expected to be the answer for women who have interference in the organs of the uterus.

"So, for early detection, we do not need go to hospitals outside from Pekanbaru or to neighboring countries. Just check here, we can know the result because the tool is much more sophisticated," said Dr. Dian.

To support the service in Madani Regional Hospital, currently, the number of personnel there are 91 people with details of medical personnel, including 21 specialist doctors, 3 dental nurses, 11 midwives, 3 nutritionists, 2 analysis, 9 general practitioners, 1 physiotherapy, 1 medical record, 3 dentist , 27 nurses , 1 pharmacist, 1 pharmacist assistant, and 8 staff for management.


In performing his duties, Firdaus asked the Madani Regional Hospital officer to provide good service to the community, especially to low income people.

He explained, Madani Regional Hospital Pekanbaru is a referral hospital, as well as service. If there are patients whose their diagnosis requires follow-up in the treatment of the disease, the patient will be sent to a higher referral.

As we known, so far, Arifin Ahmad Hospital is referral hospital, so the presence of Madani Regional Hospital Pekanbaru is expected will be able to help to lighten the workload in Arifin Ahmad Hospital.

The Goverment of Pekanbaru city also announced that Madani Regional Hospital is a Friendly Hospital or better known as green hospital, environmentally friendly and friendly in service and facilities.

Even the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia very appreciated about the concept of Green Hospital, and the Minister of Health asked to be made prototype and made a model to other areas. The concept of green hospital is not only the building, but also the management and service.

Furthermore, Plt Head of Pekanbaru Health Office, Dr. Zaini Rizaldi S also appreciate the achievement Firdaus - Ayat Cahyadi who managed to build the Madani Regional Hospital .

According to him, facilities and infrastructure is not yet reached 100 percent and number of new employees only 91 people.

And regarding about the health workers, nurses, doctors, administrative personnel and so forth will be prepared as many as 70 people.

Zaini said, to complete these shortcomings, they will apply for assistance from the provincial and central.




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