Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Now, the researchers in New York try to develop a world without a women


To made a baby in the futureTo made a baby in the future -  The researchers have planted human eggs in the laboratory for an experiment to create a world where a women are no longer needed to childbirth a baby.

The research that conducted by Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Center for Human Reproduction in New York and Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, was supported by the Medical Research Council.

According to a study published in Molecular Human Reproduction, the scientists will move the eggs from the ovary tissue at an early stage of development and develop it until the eggs are ready for fertilization,

This process can offer a hope for women who has undergoing potentially harmful treatments such as chemotherapy to have a child. Where this egg will be stored for fertilization in the future.

Previously, the researchers used a mice in their experiments. But this research is the first time for used a human egg, and it is will developed in a laboratory.

Now, the scientists will focus for checking how healthy the egg is and whether the egg is ready to be fertilized.

The lead of that researcher ie Professor Evelyn Telfer, from the University of Edinburgh biology school, said: "We are now working to optimize conditions that support egg development."

Professor Simon Fishel, founder and president of leading IVF treatment providers CARE Fertility, said that in further, this research is needed to determine whether the eggs that using this method can be healthy or not.

He said: "This study shows that there are much laboratory research to do, before we believe that we will achieve the healthy normal eggs for the purpose of clinically developed follicles in vitro derived from the human ovarian cortex tissue."



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