Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Indomie is used as an election campaign tool in Nigeria


Babagana KingibeBabagana Kingibe - Nigerian politician, Babagana Kingibe has dismissed his ambition to win the Nigerian's presidential election in 2019.

But, Nigerian citizens have been surprised by the emergence of the packaging of Indomie instant noodle products with Kingibe's face.

Quoting from Nigerian Independent media on Friday February 9 2018, the cardboard also contained the words of "Babagana Kingibe for President 2019."

The price is also cheaper than the market price, which is only 1,500 Nigerian naira per carton. Meanwhile, the market price of Indomie is 3,150 naira per carton.

Not yet known, whether Indomie with "special packaging" will be sold in the market for a long time or immediately to withdrawn.

But, Kingibe has released an advertorial that denied a rumor about his presidential ambitions for 2019.

Indomie with cardboard of Kingibe picture has been circulating in a number of major cities in Nigeria.

In addition to Abuja and Lagos, Indomie has also been circulated among others in Maiduguri, Asaba, Kano, Uyo, Kaduna, Port Hartcourt, Ilorin, and Lokoja.

In Nigeria, Indomie is a popular food, and it claimed as a food originating from that country.

Indomie was introduced since 1988 in Nigeria as an imported product, but was produced in Nigeria since 1995 by DUFIL Prima Foods Plc.

"For 15 years in the Nigerian market, Indomie has created a tremendous impact on Nigeria's culinary landscape," wrote the official website of Indomie Nigeria.



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