Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

After salary unpaid until three years, a man in Jambi Province decided to cut and boil the penis of his employer


IlustrationIlustration - Salary is a very important thing for a worker, because salary is a reward for all the worker after they are work for a month. And all workers need the payment of salary on time.

A case of violence due to the late payment of salary was occured in Indonesia. Recently, a employee decided to beat the son his employer after his father late to pay his salary.

Even there is an act that more extreme, a man from Indonesia decided to kill his employer after his salary is not paid for three years.

Terusman and his son, RD, decided to killed M. Dasrullah, their employer, because the victim did not pay their salary, it worth about IDR 20 million for three years.

According to a confession that given by Terusman to the police in Batanghari District, Jambi Province, the 54-year-old man says that he repeatedly to struck of Dasrullah with a machetes until death, when the victim fell asleep at his home.

Then, with the help of his son, RD, they buried his corpse, but before burying the corpse, Terusman decide to cut up the penis of the victim.

 "After I killed him, I decide to buried and cut off his penis with my son, then I took his genital to my house," said Terusman.

At home, Terusman boiled the penis of Dasrullah and mixed it with some spices before he eat that penis. When asked the reasons why he decided to cutt of the genitals of his employer, the answer is he does not want the victim will haunt him.

 "I decided to boil the penis of the victim before eating it, so the victim did not haunt me," he said.

According to police, Terusman and RD were arrested at two different locations because after the murder, they decide to be separated for several days.

Based on the reports that given to police, Terusman showed no remorse for his actions. He also admitted that he had a plan to killed Dasrullah more than a week.

They were accused of premeditated murder. Thus, Terusman could face life imprisonment or death penalty.

Meanwhile, RD, who is 15 yo, will face a far less punishment than his father, because he is still a minor.




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