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Tragic, the kidney of a women in India has been sold by her husband because her family not pay the dowry


Rita SarkarRita Sarkar - The tradition by giving dowry to the groom's family has been banned since 1961 in India.

Even so, many cases of harassment and murder because of dowry, still continue in India until now.

Recently, a woman in India alleged that her husband had stolen her kidney as payment for an unpaid dowry. Rita Sarkar is a wife who has been the victim domestic violence from her husband and in-laws for 12 years. This happens because the dowry worth IDR 42.3 million is not paid.

Quoted from Hindustan Times, about two years ago, the 28-year-old woman from West Bengal felt a tremendous pain in her abdomen. Later, the husband decided to take her to a private hospital in Kolkata.

"After being examined, medical staff says that I should get treatment because there are some infection on my stomach, but after surgery in next day, I felt tremendous pain in my lower back," she said.

"My husband warned me, not tell the operation act that I was undergoing in Kolkata to anyone, including to my family. I asked him to take me to another doctor to treat the pain, but he ignored me."

Then, Rita has underwent treatment for several months at home. About three months ago, her parents took Rita to get treatment to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, the largest hospital in the northern region of West Bengal.

From the results of X-rays, it's found that Sarkar's right kidney can not be found. While her left kidney has an infection.

Her husband claimed that his wife agreed to donate her kidney, and had signed a permit.

Rita denies the following allegations.

"Now I understand why my husband forbids me to reveal about the surgery that I have ever before. It turns out my kidney is sold to meet the needs of his dowry" Sarkar said.

Rita has reported her husband, Biswajit Sarkar to the Farakka police station in northern Bengal on February 2, 2018.

"Biswajit Sarkarh is a cloth trader from Lalgola in the Murshidabad district and after receiving a report from Rita, her husband and his young brother were arrested on February 4 2018, while her mother-in-law has been fled to another city," said Uday Shankar Ghosh, a police in North Bengal.

Biswajit confessed that Rita's kidneys had been sold to a businessman in the state of Chhattisgarh in India.

The authorities has suspect that the sale of Rita's kidney is a part of human trafficking-organ trading, with gangs of kidnap smugglers that have a link to the crime. A special team has been set up to investigate the case.

According to Sarkar's father, the couple had been married since 2005. Gold, silver and 180,000 rupees in cash were given as dowry, but the family members of the groom were dissatisfied and demanded more.

"Biswajit always told to Rita, 'your father has many cars, he's sitting there with so much wealth, look at us, we have nothing,'" the father added.

Although India has strict anti-crown laws since the 80s to protect married a women from domestic violence and heinous crimes, the practice still exists until today, especially in rural areas.



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