Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

The story of a teenager suicide bomber, dressed as beautiful as possible, before heading for her death


The girls after kidnapped by Boko HaramThe girls after kidnapped by Boko Haram - Children are often used as a tool for a suicide bomber. Like the story of a poor girl. Falmata was only 13 yo when she kidnapped by two men with a motorcycle while she go to the home of her relative, near to Cameroon border.

At that time, Falmata tried to fight back, but she could not resist the power of two men who dragged her. Finally Falmata gave up. She was dragged by two men, and took her off from the main road and go into the woods.

After four hours, they reached a large camp. Falmata did not know where she was. Apparently she was in a camp belonging to Boko Haram, a militia group that launched a rebellion with the aim to establishing an Islamic state in northern Nigeria.

"I was terrified, I wanted to escape but there was no chance, in the camp, the girls were placed in tents, there are many tents and huts with thatched roofs," she said.

"In my tent, there are nine people and we had to sleep on a big mattress," he said.

Finally, Falmata knows that she and hundreds of young women have a duty as a suicide bomber. Almost of the young women who were kidnapped are still teenagers. They were kidnapped by missile groups in Nigeria.

A number of men were placed on a guard around the camp to anticipation of the young women escaping.

Falmata is a beautiful girl, her beauty makes the militia members in the camp fall in love. It did not take long, she was forced to choose: marry a militia members or launch a secret mission.

And Falmata chose to launch a secret mission. Because she refused to get married, with the reason, that she was too young to get married. Although at that time, Falmata did not know what mission he should live.

The moment to carry out the mission arrived, and she must used beautiful make up, as possible as a bride.

But her body was wrapped with explosives. This done so she could killed as many of the commoners in Nigeria as possible. But a miracle happened, Falmata can to escaped from the suicide bomber act, after she was secured by Nigerian soldiers that suspicious with her performance.

The used of child bombers by militant group, Boko Haram has risen in the past year, with one in five suicide attacks was committed by children, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said. The teen girl, who is often anesthetized, became the perpetrator of 75% of attacks that carried out by this group in Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad.

UNICEF says about 1.3 million children are forced to leave their homes in four countries, Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger. It's been almost two years since more than 200 girls have been abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria.

This incident sparked an campaign action in the world, Bring Back Our Girls, but until now, no one from the girls has been found.



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