Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

A farmer in Riau Province being a suspect after opened his garden by burning


IlustrationIlustration - Mardianto, the 37 year old farmers from Dumai, Riau Province must deal with the police. This is occured after his action to open his vegetable garden by burning.

Police Chief Dumai, AKBP Restika Nainggolan reveal it to detikcom, on Sunday, February 11 2018.

Restika explained, now the farmer is being a suspect in case of forest and land fire (Karhutla).

"Many evidence has secured from a suspect such as matches, hoe, iron for land cleansers and burning wood," said Restika.

Restika explained, the suspect opened his vegetable garden in Parit Sadak street, Bagan Keladi subdistrict, Dumai Barat district.

That land will used to make a vegetable garden with surface area is 40 m x 50 m.

"The suspect admits that after clearing the bushes and the conditions have dried up, he decided to burned it."

According to Restika, initially, the opening of his garden by burning is known by local residents. Residents saw the fire from the suspect's garden begin to spread to other residents land.

"At that time the residents summoned the perpetrator, who had returned to his house, and gives information that the fire on his garden was spreading to other residents land and they were try to extinguish the fire to make the fire not to expand," said Restika.

From the incident, this case was reported to the police.

"We hope, people who want to open a garden is not by burnt, because it can cause fire and haze."



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