Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

A school in Japan used school uniforms from Giorgio Armani's brand, the price is not logical


The uniformThe uniform - We all know that school uniforms should instill a sense of unity and humility. But what happens when a school introduces a luxury uniform with an Italian brand like Armani?

The high cost of luxury uniform is reaping anger from parents who have enrolled their children in one Japanese school.

According to reports, a school in Tokyo has introduced the Giorgio Armani brand uniforms to students, and has sparked criticism because previously the school fees in high school have been burdening the parents, because it's very expensive.

The uniform fees for students at Taimei Elementary School, estimated at around 80,000 yen or about IDR. 10 million.

The uniforms included a dark blue jackets and pants or skirts with same color, long-sleeved shirts and a hat.

Kyodo News reported rumors of the new uniform have been submitted to the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives, in which Party of Hope Parliament member, Manabu Terada revealed that new uniforms are more expensive than adult clothes.

Parents say there is no logical explanation for the high price of the uniform.

Unfortunately, the headmaster, Toshitsugu Wada, had no desire to change his mind about uniforms for his students.

The plan, Armani uniforms will be introduced in April.


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