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The reason why Firdaus decided to advanced in the election of Governor Riau 2018


Coffee morning with FirdausCoffee morning with Firdaus -  Maybe, many people in Pekanbaru, do not know why the Mayor of Pekanbaru, DR. H. Firdaus, ST, MT forward as a candidate for Governor of Riau of 2018.

According to him, he decided to be as a candidate, not for his personal interests, but to serve Bumi Lancang Kuning, Riau Province.

"Actually it is not for personal interest but for the progress of Bumi Lancang Kuning," Firdaus said while sharing with the community leaders in Indragiri Hilir regency on Monday February 12 2018 morning.

He said that initially, he don't want to participate in the Riau Governor Election 2018. Likewise, when he was elected as the Mayor of Pekanbaru for the second period.

But with the passage of time, the urging from many circles who asked him to run as governor of Riau comes. But, he don't want to respond it. But the aspirations are coming more and more as well, delivered directly or in writing.

"Finally, I received the opportunity be a candidate for Governor and I paired up with Rusli Effendi, we were promoted by the Demoktrat Party and PPP," he explaine in front of Indragiri Hilir figures while drinking a cup of cofee in the morning.

The activity of coffee morning was held with relaxed and full of intimacy. The Indragiri Hilir community leader, Samsudin Uti also present at that time, with the residents and other community leaders. And also a senior political party in Indragiri Hilir regency.

He said that he had just started to preparing since October 2017. To address the support that increase, then, Firdaus had been consulted with many parties. A number of figures and his close people are invited to discuss.

And also, his colleagues in the Ministry also invited to exchange many ideas. And the conclusion is, it's time for the doctor in government science to expand his service area.

Then, he asked his family and istikharah prayer to ask to Allah SWT.

"By saying Bismillah, I finally decided to forward as a candidate for Governor of Riau of 2018," said Firdaus.

With 32 years of experience in the world of bureaucracy and being the Mayor of Pekanbaru for two periods, he believes can to provide the best service for Riau Province later.

After coffee morning with many figures, Firdaus, by riding a motorcycle slid into Parit Sembilan Tembilahan to inaugurate Posko Relawan Pelangi for Firdaus-Rusli victory.





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