Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

A girl gives her boyfriend a bouquet of flowers that made from money as a gift


Pilaslak PuenchokePilaslak Puenchoke -  We all know that Valentine's Day will coming and many boyfriends are scrambling to give gifts to their girlfriend.

Usually a men will give flowers, cake or chocolate to their girlfriend.

However, Pilaslak Puenchoke, a 20-year-old Thai student, gave her boyfriend a bouquet of flowers that made from money.

This Thai girl posted a photo when she gave gifts to her boyfriend and then became viral on social media.

She gave a bouquet of flowers worth IDR 42.8 million in cash for her boyfriend's birthday recently.

The lucky man, named Tua is very surprised by the gift that given by his girlfriend.


Pilaslak says that she got an idea to make a bouquet of flowers in order to commemorate her boyfriend's birthday and also as a Valentine's gift.

"Actually, he wants me to give him the gift that he needs, but I do not know what I must to choose, I have an idea to make a bouquet of money from Instagram so with my money, he can to buy anything that he wants, " he said.

She decided to buy the bouquet at a flower shop where he had to pay IDR 44.5 million.

Relationship between Tua and Pilaslak still one year. And Pilaslak get the money to buy the bouquet of flowers from the results of selling cosmetics through online.


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