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The love story a Princess from Saudi Arabia that must ends with beheading


 Misha’al binti Fahd al Saud Misha’al binti Fahd al Saud - Islamic law that applied by Saudi Arabia goverment makes this country making a strict rule, so men and women do not to mingle and commit adultery. And the punishment in that country does not regard a status. This was prove by the Saudi government to a royal princess named Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud, who was the son of Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, the brother of King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.


In the future, Princess Misha'al bint Fahd al-Saud must married with her cousin. Misha'al's is a honest girl, and makes the whole royal family love her very much. Because Misha'al is a smart girl, she gets scholarship from Arab families to study to all over the world. Until one day, he was studying to Lebanon.

In Lebanon, she met with a Lebanese boy named Khaled alSha'er Mulhallal who also study there, and he is the nephew of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador for Lebanon.

Although he was an ambassador's niece, but Mulhallal's status was deemed inappropriate for Princess Misha'al. Misha'al's desire to study in Lebanon was actually for escape from the arranged marriage, because she did not like her cousin.

Misha'al who fell in love with the Mulhallal charm decide go to the airport to leave Saudi Arabia, and live with the man that she loved forever.

But unfortunately, she was finally caught at Bandaraya Jeddah. The alarm at the Airport was sounded very loud. Then, Mishaal was raided by many security officer. At that time, Mulhallal tried to save her, but he was banned by the officers. Eventually the princess must returned to her family.

And more terrible, the punishment of adultery has been waiting for them. In Saudi Arabia, allegations of adultery can to apply when there are four male witnesses or self-testimony by saying 'I commit adultery' for three times. The family tried to protect her. The king was persuaded her by asking Misha'al not to confess anything to survive her from punishment. Because if she confesses, even kings can not to help her.

She refused to protect herself. Misha'al returned to the trial and says, "I have committed adultery. I have committed adultery. I have committed adultery. " So the princess and Mulhallal get execution.


The executions of Misha'al and Mulhallal were executed on July 15, 1977 in the garden of Queen's House of Saudi Arabia. Both Misha'al's eyes were closed, she must to kneel and be executed by direct instruction from her grandfather. This is done because Misha'al is considered to have tarnished the honor of the family.

Meanwhile, on the same day Mulhallal must beheaded- and reportedly, it done not once swing, but until five times. The Saudi Arabia goverment reportedly tried to cover up the forbidden relationship. In 1980, the tragic ending love story being the subject of a documentary drama with titled Death Of A Princess that aired on BBC and PBS.


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