Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

After his dad is dead and his mother married, a boy from China struggles to feed himself with dangerous work


Little LiLittle Li - Many child laborers have to work to survive because they need to pay for food and school, not because they want to.

But today, many children are forced by the community to work for their own food because their parents can not do it.

In some situations, children are left alone to feed themselves. Most people are not aware of the world in which these children live.

Although the minimum age of employment in China is 16 years, many children in China now work as laborers. Moreover, some children work in hazardous areas, where they are vulnerable to injuries and other tortures.

A child becomes viral in China after a recording when he worked is spread widely in Weibo.

He is only 7 years old. The boy, dubbed as"Little Li" by social media users, is seen packing a packet in the eastern city of Qingdao.

According to reports, Little Li is an orphan after his father died and his mother remarried and lost contact with him. He has lived with his father's friend since the age of three.

His father's friends often made deliveries and would assign Li a small task. The man soon realized how Li enjoyed the delivery and then allowed him to do his own delivery. Reports say Little Li makes at least 30 deliveries a day.

Some users criticized Li's situation as a "public tragedy" and pointed out the shortcomings in the country's social security system.

Child labor in China is an important issue to consider. The video sparked outrage online. Finally after his video became viral, Li now lives in the welfare center of children.



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