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Checked 10 Hours at Hongkong Airport, Ustadz Ali Ambar from Bengkalis Has Been Deported


Ustadz Ali AmbarUstadz Ali Ambar - After the incident of Ustadz Abdul Somad who was denied his entry to Hong Kong to preach some time ago, a similar incident refused the Ulama from Indonesia again repeated. This time, happened to Ustadz Ali Ambar who is also Chairman of National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province.

Ustadz Ali Ambar plans to fill a da'wah for a month in Hong Kong. But the plan foundered, after Hong Kong Airport Immigration authorities deported him for no apparent reason.

The incident according to Ali Ambar, as quoted from his Facebook page, Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 00.00 pm told that he was checked by the authority of Hong Kong Airport for 10 hours, when he arrived there.

We only plan but God decides. The one-month plan turned out to be exactly 10 hours on my way to Hong Kong when the CATHAY PACIFIC airline landed at the WHK International Airport at 6 pm, I went out to Immigration after filling out the form as directed. When asked the first entry in Hong Kong, I answered with English that once learned in the hut. Next, the immigration officer asked where is the entry visa.

I showed an invitation from the Branch of Dompet Dhuafa Hongkong Complete with the address, when my passport was detained and given to another officer. I already thought do not be problematic. They contacted the dhuafa wallet but not answered he said, (Wallahu'alam). I keep quietly explaining in my language skills.

Almost an hour later I was taken to a special room interrogated by a woman from the Immigration side there were two Indian citizens fared the same.

Until 9 pm WHK I am still waiting for information, want to contact Ustdz Muhammad Ilham chairman DD Hongkong Branch can not be caused by the network is different. On the sidelines of the examination I can sms from Ustadz Ali Bastoni and Alnof, I am confused in the country people with different languages ??and cultures, sometimes they seem arrogant.

I can not communicate at all because I do not have a Hong Kong Card Sim, with my sleepy condition and endless hunger, I survived. Finally, I was taken to a more special room at the back. Apparently, many Indians and 2 women from Ukraine are probably the same problem.

Then, at 10.30 pm WHK, my wife asked if I had arrived in HK. I have not tell her because it is estimated at 6 o'clock, I am sure they were worried.

It turned out that in the special room was asked for a signature to be deported.

"I was surprised, disappointed and sad when I text Ustadz Ali Bastoni in Pekanbaru, he was surprised but he calmed and comforted me. Finally, I surrendered to God all in this journey of life is inseparable from the wisdom," he said.

Despite, I was feeling sad and disappointed. Moreover, super tight inspection and back and forth from one room to another room, until 12 noon newly fed and rest.

"When I was awakened because I was ready to be sent home, I asked for permission to pray in the Immigration Room of the back room. Once again I complained to God that this might be the best way," he said.

Finally, he was willing to go home bismillahirahmanirahim.

"I was guarded and even escorted by the Immigration to the door of the plane, my passport has been held and should not take pictures. I'm trying to take pictures of Hongkong International Airport remind me at the busy and beautiful Changi Airport Singapore. I texted Ustadz Alibastoni to tell friends I went home, also news to my wife and ustadz Subli (I wrote in a special room at Hongkong Airport), 20/2/18. (***)



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