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A woman receive the worst wedding dress in the world, one day before her wedding day


The wedding dressThe wedding dress -  Making the perfect wedding takes months to plan everything is fine.

For a bride, the wedding dress is the most important thing. Because every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day with wearing her wedding dress.

For Mhayo B. Arguelles of Parañaque City, Manila, however, she choosing her friend to be the designer of her bridal gown proves to be a mistake.

Arguelles posted his story to Facebook on February 20th to share her bad experiences about making her wedding dress.

Arguelles says that she has a wedding dress that made by her unnamed friend for IDR 7.6 million (USD 563). Unfortunately, the product does not meet the quality that she expects.

In one of the pictures of Arguelles, she shows the dresses that her friend creates. She shown that dress is very different from the sketches made by the designer so she is very discouraged.

The wedding that lasted on February 14. Their first fitting was back in November, while the second was in January. Despite seeing the initial form of the gown, Arguelles said that she accepted it because she trusted the designer, and she believed that perhaps they might add some more details.


The wedding dress was sent to her on February 13, one day before the wedding, and that's when Arguelles realized that the dress was not like the wedding dress she had dreamed of.

"I felt depressed after seeing my dress, I said," What? This is my wedding dress? "I thought twice and wondered how it could change like this. It's ugly"

Arguelles showed more pictures of the dress, indicating the dress was delivered in a plastic bag and not in the box as it should. She also showed that the lace was too high and her underwear could be seen when she tried on the dress. Some of the stitchings were also faulty.

"The lace on the arm-part of the gown is loose. It didn't fit my arm the right way."



Panicked, finally Arguelles borrowed a dress from someone else. This minimizes the stress he feels.

Arguelles told that she only used her friend's hijab and wedding dress because she had no other choice, it was already her wedding day.

"I was only able to use the train, because I had no other choice. I just did what I had to do to look as best I can with the gown I borrowed. The veil was also by my designer friend. There was no other veil I could use."

It's seen also that her designer friend created the groomsmen's clothes. However, Arguelles writes that this is also a failure.

"Men's grooms were also sent on February 12 at around 11 pm. It was a mistake, because usually the dress should have been there a week before the wedding"

Arguelles also told that the groomsmen had to fix their clothes in a hurry because they did not fit; some are too loose while others have an unpleasant piece.

Unsatisfied, Arguelles refuses to pay the remainder of her dress payment. She told that she refused to pay debts due to the designer's lack of professionalism and due to low quality of work; she is not satisfied as a customer.

More than a matter of money, Arguelles reveals that her beliefs are being betrayed because the designer is her friend.



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