Thursday, 23 May 2019

PT SRL Helps Put Fire Out the Company Concession


Team Fire PT SRLTeam Fire PT SRL - The weather is quite extreme at this time making a number of areas in Riau Province continues to occur forest and land fires (Karhutla). Similarly in Rokan Hilir District, a fire broke out in Teluk Nilap Village Kubu Babussalam Sub-district.
A total of 20 personnel of the firefighting team of PT Sumatera Riang Lestari (SRL) struggled to extinguish the fire that burned bushes and oil palm plant owned by the public, Wednesday (14/2/2018).
Public Relations PT SRL Abdul Hadi said in addition to the Gulf Village Nilap, the company is also currently trying to help extinguish the fire in the area Kepenghuluan River Segajah Jaya, District Kubu.
Both burned areas are land outside the PT SRL concession. "Based on reports from the Sungai Segajah Jaya Village and also Kubu Police Station related to karlahut, we reduced the fire fighting personnel as much as 7 people and assisted 10 people Care Concerned Fire (MPA)," he said.
While for land and forest fires in Teluk Nilap Village, the company has deployed 24 damkar personnel with 3 sets of minerals machines and currently the fire status has been extinguished, Hadi said.
At Kepenghuluan Sungai Segajah Jaya, PT SRL firefighter team is equipped with 1 set of minerals machine and dozens of roller hoses while helping to extinguish the fire.
According to Hadi, the obstacle to extinguish the fire is when the water source for the blackout partially dries so difficult for firefighters.
"The obstacles are the dry peatlands and the lack of water sources. In addition to the mop up fire activity, assisted by the MPA, we are trying to dig up some water sources and the plan will make the water cistern," said Hadi.
Although currently the extinction activities are still running, the team damkar PT SRL also expects that citizens can also anticipate the occurrence of land and forest fires by not throwing cigarette butts and sources of fire at random. *


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