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Residents in Siak District was shocked after found a son killed his father in their kitchen


Kapolres Siak AKBP BarliansyahKapolres Siak AKBP Barliansyah - This village is usually known to be quiet and peaceful. But on Saturday, February 24, 2018 morning, became excited.

The reason is, the residents in Kampung Rempak, Siak District, Siak regency, Riau Province was surprised by the discovery of the corpse of a man named Juhari, 60, in the kitchen of his house on Said Ibrahim street, Siak.

The conditions of victims is covered by blood on his face. From his condition, Juhari is suspected of dying from persecution and murder.

When confirmed to Siak Police Chief, Barliansyah, S.IK confirmed the incident to the media crew, on Monday, February 26, 2018.

The corpse was first discovered by the first witness who had just entered his kitchen of the house and saw the victim was lying face down with a bloody condition on the face of the victim.

Upon the incident, the first witness immediately contacted the second witness to come to the scene (TKP).

Then, the second witness contacted the chairman of the neighborhood (RT) and give the information about the incident to Siak Police Station.

For the incident, Kapolsek Siak, Kanit intel as well as several personnel of Police Squirt and Criminal Reskrim along with Siak Police Identification Team arrived at the scene to conduct crime scene.

According to the victim's wife, Nurseha, 63, the victim lives with their eldest son who have mentally disturbed at home.

"Our son is always asking for delicious food from his father (the victim), allegedly the victim was beaten by his eldest son because he did not obey his request," she explained.

Based on the results of the corpse, it's found that the corpse have a bruises on the face, the mouth is covered with blood due to blunt objects.

The victim was taken to Bhayangkara Hospital for autopsy. The position of the corpse when found is his face down, his hands folded under the chest, straight leg position and the victim wearing a shirt and cotton pants.

While Junaidi child, that alleged as perpetrator found by the first witness in the bathroom and now, he is secured to Siak Police Station.






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