Saturday, 25 May 2019

Golkar gives supports for performance evaluation to officials or OPD in Pelalawan


Baharuddin, SHBaharuddin, SH - Golkar Party of Fraction Pelalawan District Parliament supports the plan of performance evaluation of Organization Regional Device (OPD) in Pelalawan District Government, Riau Province which has been scheduled by Pelalawan Regent, HM Harris on March 2018.

"Golkar decided to gives supports the steps of Regent HM Harris who will evaluate the performance of OPD in Pelalawan District Government, because it is a step to improve the performance and service of the District Government to our community," said Golkar Party Faction Chairman Pelalawan Baharuddin, SH on Monday, February 26 2018.

He said the Golkar faction assessed that the evaluation should be done as thoroughly and not just half.

"Because there are officials and OPD that must get of reward and also punishment," explained Bahar.

A reward should be awarded to officials or OPD that success to gives good improvement. And a reward can gives by maintaining their position or makes better position than now.

And if an official or OPD getting a punishment, it can be given in various ways. It can by giving bad positions or they must mutate to elsewhere.

Bahar who is also a politician from the Pelalawan IV election region, explained, for standards and references to be assessed, it's the authority of Pelalawan Regent.

"The community in Pelalawan have been able to see and feel the performance that has been done by OPD officials, from the realization of the target, the service and others. It can be seen and felt by the community. So, it's can be used as the assessment standard later," he explained.




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