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Residents in Indragiri Hulu Regency were shocked, after a husband slashed the neck of his wife after apologizing


PuspitaPuspita - JM, 29, a resident of Talang Mulia Village, Batang Cinaku Subdistrict, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province do a terrible things against his wife.

The reason is after he had time to apologize to his wife and claimed to want to repentance from his habit, JM instead cut the neck of his wife, Puspita, 23.

The unfortunate wife killed with terrible condition. The residents of around Talang Mulia Village were shocked and afraid.

The information is justified by Riau Police Public Relations Division, Guntur Aryo Tejo, on Monday, February 26, 2018.

According to a report in Riau Police headquarters, the incident had been happened on Sunday, February 25, 2018.

The chronologically is when JM, Puspita and the family of Puspita were gathered in the living room of their house.

At that time JM had time to apologize and say that he want to repent from his bad behavior. His apology is not only addressed to Puspita, but also to the whole family. At that time, JM's mother in-laws were also there.

After his husband apologize, Puspita then entered the room to tidy up her clothes, and her husband was come from behind.

But a incident unexpected was happened.

Suddenly, JM killed his wife with a machete. A sharp knife was slashed to the back of his wife neck. JM is like crazy man. The back of Puspita's neck was badly injured and bleed.

Puspita did not know about her husband's cruel action, because when her husband comes, she was folding the clothes.

"After cut his wife neck, JM get out from the room, with a machete that still covered in blood and makes shocked his mother-in-law," said Guntur Aryo Tejo.

Seeing the incident, his mother-in-law was running out from the house to asking for help from his neighbors. But unfortunately, the life of Puspita could not be saved.

After the bloody incident, JM was immediately secured by the authorities to the Indragiri Hulu Police Station in Rengat.

"After we success to arrested the perpetrators, we makes a plan to checking his psychological. And the motive for the incident is due to economic factors," Guntur explained.






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