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Ten style of clothes that every girl should own to make them more fashionable


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Can not decide what to buy?

We have 10 types of clothing that you should have in your wardrobe, which will make your everyday clothes easy.

These ten fixtures are timeless and something you can always count on.

1. A classic blazer
A well-designed blazer will help you to matching your clothes. By wearing a classic blazer with a mini dress or shirt, a blazer can used for business affairs to a classy dating event.

2. Black dress
If you are a girl, you must already know the importance of a black dress. In addition, black color is one of the important colors that need to be owned.

3. White shirt
White makes you look chic, so why not have a white shirt?
Just wear with your formal skirt or with your denim, then you will look very interesting.

4. Denim jacket
One thing that you must now is denim jackets will never die. Wear your denim shorts or with your favorite casual dress, this is always upgrade your appearance.

5. A silk blouse
Have a day where you feel dull and swollen? This silk fabric will help cover and make you look great in no time.

6. Shoes without heels and neutral colored
Forget all the colors when you want to find shoes that can be used for all events. Using sandals or shoes without heels and neutral colors would be perfect for use with bright pink dresses and even classic black skirts.


7. Black pants
A pair of classic pants can always be a chic alternative in addition to jeans. Even if you pair it with a shirt, you will always look dressed up.


8. Small bag
You also need a slim shoulder bag. Whether it's for a dinner date or a party, you need to replace your carrying case with an elegant little bag.


9. Black heels
Black heels have the power to change your appearance in an instant. When it your first day at a work or party or dinner, a pair of black heels will help you to always look chic.

10. A pencil skirt
Buy a dark pencil skirt like blue, oxblood and black. These colors work well with many colors. By simply using an elegant blouse, this pencil skirt will always make you look more slim.



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