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Tragic Story of Palm Oil Labor from Riau in Malaysia, Want to Save Wife But Killed by Truck


Hamka while working in oil palm plantation, Johor, Malaysia.Hamka while working in oil palm plantation, Johor, Malaysia. - Hamka or familiarly called Epet (32 years) is a responsible husband figure and willing to die for saving his wife.

Hamka comes from Mengkopot Village, Tasik Putri Puyu District, Meranti Islands District, Riau Province. Intending to save his wife, he himself was finally killed after crushed truck carrying fruit palm.

According to the story of Head of Mengkopot Village, H Ansar, the death of Hamka happened on Sunday, February 25, 2018 in oil palm plantation where he worked in Johor, Malaysia.

Hamka died while trying to save his wife who also worked as a laborer in the oil palm in the neighboring country.

"The name of his wife Rosita, they both work in Malaysia as a worker in the palm plantation," said Ansar who is also uncle of Hamka, Tuesday (27/2/2018).

The grievous incident happened when Hamka had finished working to dismantle the palm fruit. When going back to the mess the worker, Hamka with his wife and other colleagues brought in a truck carrying.

It was due to the bumpy road conditions that made the truck dull and tilted. At that time, workers in the tailgate also shook and panicked.

"Lori (Truck) is shaking, Hamka sees his wife going to fall, so he jumps and tries to save his wife," he said.

At that time, the truck was already unable to survive and eventually rolled over. Unfortunately, Hamka was right under the truck at the time, so he finally squeezed in.

"He was rushed to a nearby hospital. When checked and Hamka was not life. Currently, the bodies on the way to be taken back to the village. Reportedly, his body brought back to Jakarta via cargo plane and immediately be taken to Pekanbaru. Next, it will be transported to the port Buton, Siak by land and continue to use the ship directly to Mengkopot, "he explained.

Ansar explained, until now, hundreds of young people in his village is still leaning their life by working to Malaysia neighbor country. Most work as laborers in plantations. Overall, they work using traveler passports.

"This is the problem: our people working in Malaysia only by using traveler passports," he added.

Whereas Hamka with his wife, said Kades, already scheduled to go home today (Tuesday). Otherwise, it will have problems with his passport.

"The maximum to Malaysia is only one month if the passport is using a passenger, so I have to return to Indonesia before one month, after a few days and stamped in Immigration, then I can return to Malaysia again," he explained.

Added a close friend of Hamka, Pauzi, the process of repatriation of the body assisted Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Malaysia. If not, it will be very difficult to return the body to his hometown. *

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