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Five mandates that must be kept by a Muslim, according to Ustadz Abdul Somad


Ustadz Abdul SomadUstadz Abdul Somad -  Thousands of Muslims were hearing the lecture by the famous ustadz, H Abdul Somad, LC, MA or familiarly called as UAS in Tabligh Akbar a event that held by Organization of Pemuda Pancasila (PP) Riau Province in GOR Pekanbaru on Tuesday February 27 2018 night.

Shortly before the start of the religious lecture with the theme the importance to maintaining trust, Ustadz Abdul Somad received a Member Card of PP which was given directly by the Chairman of PP Riau, Arsyadianto Rachman that accompanied by Vice Riau Governor, H Wan Thamrin Hasyim.

In addition, Pemuda Pancasila of Riau also handed over IDR 100 million for Islamic boarding school for inland tribes that built by Ustadz.

Then, when he get the official jacket of the Pancasila Youth organization, how about his response?

His answer makes surprised all the audience.

"This is that I regretted from Pemuda Pancasila, why not from the first time Mr. Anto gives me jacket of Pemuda Pancasila for me," said Abdul Somad, accompanied by the applause and laughter of thousands of pilgrims who attended.

However, Ustadz Somad says, " This is that is called as life, sometimes on down and sometimes on top. When I fell down, my name was lifted to the top and I give the title of Datuk Seri Ulama Setia Negara," he said.

For one hour he gave a speech about the importance to maintaining trust.

At that time, the man that dubbed as A Ustad with million viewer, explained there are five mandates that must be preserved as human beings.

"As a human, we have to keep the five mandates, ie the mandate of age, the mandate of property, the mandate of our spouse, the mandate of child and the mandate of power," said Ustadz Somad.




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