Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Scientists Company : there will be 4G network on the moon next year


4G network4G network -  Scientists Company, a company based in Berlin, announced that there will be 4G network on the moon next year.

This network is developed as part of the “Mission to the Moon”, a project that aims to land the first private mission on the moon.

Robert Bohme, the CEO and founder of Scientists company said, "In order for humans to be able to leave earth, we had to develop infrastructure out of our home planet"

"To do that, Scientists Company works together with Vodafone Jerman and Audi to develop a device called “Ultra Compact Network”", he added.

Vodafone also claimed that they had Nokia as technological partner to make Ultra Compact Network small enough and weight no more than one kilogram.

The network is intended to support the communication between two Audi robots on the moon and earth, when they travel around the moon using NASA vehicle Apollo17.

This communication can be in the form of video with high resolution or data. If the development goes smoothly, Scientists predicts that this project will be finished in 2019.

"With Mission to the Moon, we have decided and tested the first element of communication network on the moon,” Bohme said.

He added that what was interesting from this solution, it's used little energy to sent dat and more opportunity for research.



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