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The beauty of Cinta beach and the Gulf Jering in Kampar District makes you feel amazed


the Gulf Jeringthe Gulf Jering -  If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, with a stretch of white sand on the edge of the river, you can come here.

The name of Teluk Jering Tourism Object or better known as Cinta beach being famous place in the community in Riau.

It's located about 40 minutes if using four-wheeled vehicles from Pekanbaru, capital of Riau Province. Jering Bay tourist attraction is located in a small village in District Tambang, Kampar regency, Riau Province. The village located on the edge of Kampar River.

This beach has a very interesting view of the vast expanse of green grass and on the riverbank there are white sand.

The location, known as Cinta beach, has a white sand beach like beach in the sea.

Many residents who come from Pekanbaru, Kampar, Siak, Pelalawan, Kuansing, and other areas were deliberately visit to the Gulf Jering for vacation to takes pictures, swimming while bringing family and friends.

At the beach, there are also play facilities such as banana boat, walking around the river by boat, buoys for swimming, umbrellas to relax and food and beverage snacks from the locals.

To get the Gulf Jering village or Cinta beach, it can be reached by 4-wheel vehicles and 2 wheels vehicles also and approximately about 40 minutes from Pekanbaru. The location is not far from the bridge of Kampar River in Teratak Buluh..

About 1.5 km from the long bridge of Kampar River, then you can turn right into the dirt road, but some condition of the road are damage.

And you must spend about 15 minutes to get to the Gulf Jering or Cinta beach.

Well, for the people of Pekanbaru, Riau and other rovinces who are curious to see the beauty of Cinta Beach, you must come and enjoy the beautiful nature of the river with grains of sand beaches.




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