Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Confero from Wuling Motors into public transportation


Confero Confero -  Early last month, Wuling Motors had approached some of the taxi companies, both conventional and online.

In fact, in some regions, some of them had used Confero as their fleet. Not only that, some time ago the Organization of Land Vehicle (Organda) of Jakarta had asked the Chinese brand to make Confero into public transportation.

In Solo, it is reported that Wuling Confero has started to entering the fleet market, including among the taxi companies.

Branch Manager of SGMW Motor Indonesia, Dian Asmahani admitted that it was true but only around 150 units, on Wednesday, February 28 2018.

Dian claimed that the Confero that was used as taxi car was the cheapest variant. The specification and modification features were adjusted to fit the demand of the operator.

“I do not know the detail, but it is different from what we sell to our ordinary customer,” Dian said.

According to Dian, the main reason Confero was chosen as fleets by one of the taxi company was because it was suitable in many aspects like price and sale.

“They believe that other than it’s durability, we also have promising commitment, like factory and sale,” Dian said.

According to the sale information of Confero On The Road from the central region, the cheapest Confero is IDR 130,8 million and the most expensive is IDR 167,9 million.



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