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Apparently, this is the second highest street in the world that able to penetrate of clouds


Pamir highwayPamir highway -  Pamir highway is the road that passes through the mountains and makes that road is very legendary, because in past, it is also an Ancient Silk Route through Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

And the road is also penetrate clouds because it's the world's second tallest asphalt road in Tajikistan. Pamir highway is the second highest paved road in the world, after Karakoram Highway, Pakistan. Its highest point is on Jalan Ak Baïtal Pass Tajkistan at an altitude of 4655 meters above sea level.

Reported from BBC Travel on Friday, March 2 2018 the area is known in Persia as 'Bam-i-Dunya' (World Roof). The Pamir mountains in Central Asia is located in Gorno-Badakhshan and a new autonomous region in eastern Tajikistan bordering China, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. And in past, that place also be one of the world's tallest plains that closed for foreigners or tourists during the Soviet Union.

But now, Gorno-Badakhshan has just opened for the adventurous traveler. But, the Gorno-Badakhshan region can only be visited from May to September.

Because this area is so remote, the Pamirs have a strong cultural identity and are very different from other Tajikistan people.

The Pamirs are predominantly by Ismaili Shia, while most of Tajiks are Sunni Muslims. They also have their own language as well as handicrafts, jewelry, musical traditions, and typical dances.

Every July, Khorog the capital of Gorno-Badakhshan being host the Roof of the World Festival.

Many dancers and craftsmen from all over Pamir and other mountain communities will gathered together. This festival being a protection of cultural heritage in the region.

Despite their colorful celebrations, Pamir's livelihood is still traditional. Animal such as goats and sheep, are very important animals for the survival of the villagers.




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