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The dark history of a Vilina Vlas hotel, the place for torture of Muslims in Bosnia


Vilina VlasVilina Vlas -  Each building must have its own history. Like the story of a hotel in Bosnia that famous for its hot springs spa.

Vilina Vlas is a famous spa hotel with its natural thermal baths. The hotel offers 134 rooms, two restaurants and an indoor pool. And its have natural hot springs that so famous.

But did you know, Vilina Vlas hotel has a very horrible dark history in past ?

Located in Visegrad City, this hotel looks quite simple behind a red roof and white walls.

But despite its simplicity, the building was a silent witness to the rape and murder case of ethnic Bosnian Muslims from the Bosnian War. In 1991 there were about 23,000 people that living in Visegrad, two-thirds of whom were Muslims. At that time they lived in peace.

But everything had changed. Beginning in 1992, the Bosnian war had broke out. A Serbian group called the White Eagles attacked Visegrad, who is predominantly by Muslim.


The victims


Vilina Vlas was made into the headquarters of the White Eagles that led by Milan Lukic. There, hundreds of men live while preparing a war strategy. Gradually, one by one the women were abducted and taken to Vilina Vlas. In the building, they were raped in turns.

One of the survivors says that Vilina Vlas is a terrible place. Inside the building, screams and crying from the girls will be heard inside the building. The girls were locked in the room, until one of the members of the White Eagles came and picked one of the girls to be raped. Not only that, about 49 male Muslims were burned alive in Vilina Vlas and about 100 children were killed and dumped into the river.

After the war ended, Milan Lukic fled and hid to saved his life. But eventually he was tried in an international criminal tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

Lukic was sentenced to life in prison.

The government also decided to make Vilina Vlas as a place of business. But the dark history of Visegrad is closed. In a way, the dark tracks of this city was deliberately wanted to be removed.

This is proved from the testimony of the Visegrad mayor, Mladen Djurevic in the Hague international court. Mladen Djurevic has denied ever hearing of rape, torture, or murder in Vilina Vlas.



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