Saturday, 25 May 2019

Riau Police hunts peatland burner in Meranti Islands


IllustrationIllustration -  The Special Criminal Investigative Directorat (Dirreskrimsus) of Riau Police Department sent out a team to investigate the burning of peat land in Lukut Village, Kepulauan Meranti District, Riau Province.

According to the data, there was 230 hectare of the land burned in Lukut Village.
Special Criminal Director Riau Police Department, Commissioner Arif Gidion Setiawan said that they had sent out team to help Meranti Police Department investigate the burning land.

“We sent our team to help Meranti Police investigate,” Gidion said, Friday, March 2 2018.

He said the joint investigators would find out the source of the fire that burned the peat land in Pulau Tebing Tinggi, at the border of Malacca Strait.

“The fire source will be significant to the investigation because the fire did not only burn the land owned by the civilians but also those owned by Nasional Sagu Prima (NSP) Company,” he said.

Until this day, the police has 4 suspects in 15 land burning cases. Some of the suspects were farmers. The suspects were captured in different places which were Dumai, Rokan Hulu and Pelalawan.

But Meranti Police Department still could not find the perpetrators who burned the land in Lukut Village, although they had the worst burning condition of all areas.

“For that reason we gave our help for investigation,” he added.






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