Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

North Sumatra promotes the tourism of Toba Lake in Hungary


HT Erry NuradiHT Erry Nuradi -  North Sumatran Governor HT Erry Nuradi promoted Toba Lake, the largest volcanic lake in Asia, in the biggest tourism exhibition in Hungary, Utazas 2018.

The exhibition was held in Hungexpo building in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, from March 1 to 4.

The Governor also encouraged the exhibition visitors to visit Nias Island, which is famour for its marine tourism and its traditional sport of jumping over a two meters rock.

In the annual exhibition that regularly participated by the Embassies in Hungary, Indonesia took the theme “Enchanting Sumatra”.

According to the Governer, North Sumatra was close to Singapore and it had two new airports which were Kualanamu and Silangit, which made it easier for foreign tourist to come, so it would be a great place to visit.

This promotion of Toba Lake was done through Utazas 2018, the biggest tourism exhibition in Hungary. There are 250 participants all from the companies who worked in tourism such as travel agents, accomodations, airlines, transportations, insurances, spas and healths.

Every embassy’s representatives showed the visitors the potentials they had while the travel agents sold tourism packages.

Indonesian participation in Utazas 2018 was aimed to encourage Hungary tourists to visit Indonesia. The number of visitors from this country increased the past few years.

There were 7896 tourists from Hungary that visit Indonesia in 2015 and it increased 26,91 percent into 10.021 in 2016. In the present, there is only around 0,102 percent of Hungary people who came to Indonesia. There is a chance for more.

In 2018, Indonesian pavilion exhibit seven operator tour, industrial products and commodities, as well as sampels that the visitors can try themselves.

There was also entertainment in the form of traditional dance as well as traditional clothes. The pavilion was decorated to fit the theme of “Enchanting Sumatra”.



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