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A survey found how much exercise that you should be able for, according to your age


IllustrationIllustration - Exercise is very important thing for the body, because in addition to being able to maintain body fitness, exercise can also be an alternative to manage the body.

But you must be smart in choosing the right sport for your age, because everyone has a different portion.


Quoted from, here are the right sport according to age, that you must try :

In your 20s:

Minimum walk for 30 minutes
Perform 20 burpees (or called as squat thrust, is one of exercise without tools that train your whole body and is a great cardiovascular exercise)wit
Perform a full plank for one minute each side


In your 30s:

Run a few miles at least 9 minutes
Perform a full plank for 45 seconds every day
Do a deadlift (lifting the bar with a bending position and straightening the body) more than 50% of your body weight


In your 40s:

Perform a 60-second sprint without stopping
Perform push ups for 10 times non-stop
Touch your toes comfortably while keeping your legs straight


In your 50's:

Run with medium speed for 60 seconds non-stop
5x burpees endlessly
Lower yourself to a cross-legged sitting position on the floor (without using your hands) and then get back on your feet


In your 60s:

Walk more than 10,000 steps a day on a regular basis
Perform 12 bodyweight squats non-stop
Touch your fingertips with one hand over your shoulder and the other end behind your back


In your 70's:

Walk a mile in less than 16 minutes
Go up the stairs with 10 steps for 30 seconds comfortably
Get up from the chair without using your hands or arms and repeat more than 12 times in 30 seconds



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