Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

Different Types of Smartphone Users


IllustrationIllustration - Today, smartphone has become an almost required item for every person. The models and features are also vary depending on the need of each person.

This is also influence the user. There are three different types of Smartphone users:


This type of smartphone users are mostly young people, from children to adolescents. However, there are some adults that can be put in this category. This type of user usually will use both of his or her hands to hold their Smartphone, his or her eyes will be focused on the screen. Gamers type also will not hesitate to update their features for the sake of playing game in better condition.


Social Media User
This type of smartphone user maybe the most we can find. They always update anything that happen to themselves in their social media accounts. Smartphone’s’ advanced features are not very important for them. The most important thing for these people is internet access quota.


Business Owner
It is very rare for this type of user to install social media or game applications in their phone. They will only install applications that are essentials for their works, such as Notes, e-mail, or Mobile Banking. This type of users is mostly adults.

Which type of smartphone user are you among these three? Whichever it is, the most important thing is for the smartphone to be useful for you.


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