Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Bankrupt, Bernas daily newspaper would no longer publish


The office of BernasThe office of Bernas -  Bernas daily newspaper that has long been published in Yogyakarta would no longer to publish. The newspaper which was founded by the first Information Minister of Indonesia, Mr. Soemanang on November 15 1946, had to stop published on March 1 2018.

The Director of Media Bernas Company, Putu Putrayasa said, “We have to inform sadly that we decided to stop published started on March 1 2018. We made this decision after considering the production cost and comparing it to the numbers of readers and the income that we got from advertisements, which slowly decresed.”

However, Putu Putrayasa still committed to develop the online media named

Not only to grab the attention of people from millennial generation who are familiar with gadgets but also to maintain of Bernas name, which has become a legend and heritage.

Although they no longer publish the printed version, Bernas’ will continue by developing its online version,

The staffs who had worked for decades together in Bernas Daily supported the idea of developing the online version of Bernas to preserve its name.

“Although it is over for the printed version, but the online version has to keep going and be maintained so Bernas name will be preserved,” said the circulation manager of Bernas daily, Tedy Kartiyadi.

“Because, Bernas’ name have been known widely and become part of the country's struggle since its independence in Old Order era, to New Order era until today in Reformation era,” Tedy added.

Bernas will reach its 72nd anniversary on November 15 2018. The newspaper had gone through three eras of Indonesia.

During the long journey full of struggle, Bernas daily was able to survive for 72 years. However, due to information and technology development which creates online media and social media, printed media like Bernas got the impact. Their readers and advertisements slowly decreased.

“These days, people like to read online media and social media more than printed media. People also prefer to put advertisements in social media for free instead of paying a place in printed media,” Tedy said.


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