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Five natural ingredients that can be used to prevent of body odor


IllustrationIllustration -  Body odor is a terrible thing for both men and women. It would be very embarrassing if you have a body odor problem and certainly will reduce your confidence.

Here are five natural ingredients that can be used to prevent of body odor:

1. Betel leaf
Betel leaves are better known for its usefulness to eliminate the smell in the female intimate. But it turns out betel leaf can also be used to eliminated of body odor because it contains antioxidants that can killed germs and fungi.

The way is only to boil some of betel leaf, then drunk or used as water for bathing.


2. Basil Leaf
Basil leaves is useful to eliminated of bad breath and body odor. Because this leaf are contained with aksirin oil that can help to eliminated the cause of odor in the body.


3. Lemons
Fruits that are more often used to support the diet program was also able to be utilized as a natural ingredient to eliminate of body odor.
Lemon is known to have vitamins that effective to eliminate of body odor, especially in the underarm area.

The way is by cut, then use it to your underarm.


4. Cucumber
Cucumbers are also known as extra fresh vegetables. Apparently, this vegetable can used to eradicating the bacteria that cause of body odor.


5. Ginger
Ginger has many benefits. In addition to being used for food seasonings, ginger can overcome your stomach problems and help to eliminate of body odor. By rubbing ginger chunks into the underarm area, it is guaranteed to help the problem of body odor.






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