Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

5 reasons why women prefer to choose Iphone than Android


IllustrationIllustration - Did you know that most people who used IOS operating system are female? Most women love the simple, elegant and beautiful design.

Every year, Apple creates new innovation to keep attracting customers all over the world. Their fans keep waiting for a new edition every time, even though they have to pay a lot of money to get it. Compared to Android, Apple is more popular among women for these reasons:

More comfortable to use
Iphone is made with the right size for our hand. Not only it is small, but it was also slim and light. It makes user comfortable in holding it. For petite women especially, it will look weird to hold a large phone.

Attractive design
Other that being small, slim and light, another good point it its attractive design. Although Android has offered a lot of designs, Iphone design is still prettier.

A lot of accessories
Accessories for gadget is important for women, like dolls or other luxurious accessories to make their phone more beautiful. For Iphone users, there will be a lot of accessories. Because the design is simple, any accessories will fit.

Good camera
The photo produced by Iphone is known to be the best. Apple keeps rising the quality of its camera every year. Last year, in 2017, Apple created Iphone X which was equipped with double cameras sized 12 MP.

IOS upgrade service for 4 years
Android has a limit in which we have to buy new smartphone to enjoy the newest features. Iphone on the other hand, tends to provide its users with IOS update service until 4 years. Therefore, Iphone is easier for practical people, mostly women.





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