Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

The two man missing in Mount Salak were found


The victimsThe victims -  The two man who went missing around the area of Mount Halimun Salak National Park, Gunungsari Village, Pamijahan Sud-District, Bogor have been found.

The two, named Dimas Ramadhan and Mardiansyah, were found by Search and Rescue team (SAR) after getting lost on Saturday, March 4 2018.

“Yes they have been found,” said the member of Bogor Police Emergency Respond Team, David Indra.

They were found by SAR team Department of Disaster Management (BPBD) of Bogor at Empet Waterfall around 08:00 p.m, local time.

An instagram account owned by one of them told the people where they were through instagram story.

“Important, please help me, I’m lost in Ratu Crater, Mount Salak, please tell this information, I don’t know the way home, I only follow the water course, please help me.”

The two man, came from Bogor, one from Batutulis and the other from Tajur. They climbed from Pasir Reungit around nine in the morning.

The conditions of the two survivors were still unknown.




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