Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

For passenger safety, Wuling Cortez brings a sophisticated feature


The sophisticated featureThe sophisticated feature -  Wuling Cortez added Fatigue Driving Warning feature, to remind drivers when they pass the time and distance limit.

Sometimes, drivers have to rest in a certain limit, but they instead keep driving to reach their destination faster.

For that reason, Wuling equipped Wuling Cortez with the feature. The feature gives warning through MID monitor, in a picture of coffee cup. It means that it is time to rest.

Wuling Motorsport Product Planning Specialist, Arief Ramadhi said that the feature can be set to give warnings within one to five hours period, but it all depends on each people's need.

“You can set Fatigue Driving Warning to appear on MID for every one hour for example. When the warning appears, it means it has been an hour. It is time to rest, whether to go to the toilet or to have some drink,” Arief explained.


MID monitor on Wuling Cortez can also shows the air pressures of the four tires with the sensors put on the tires.


It can also show passengers who do not wear safety belt, doors that are unlocked, and some other information regarding distance and fuel.



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