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When the good time for do exercise, morning or night ?


When the good time for do exercise, morning or night ?When the good time for do exercise, morning or night ? - When determining the time of exercise, many people assume that physical activity should be done in the morning to get more leverage.

In fact, is it always so?

According to Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, the importance of exercise as one of the activities to help to lose weight can not be underestimated. For a more ideal body, in addition to diet you also need to exercise.

"But there is no difference in the amount of calories burned when compared to the exercise time.The result difference lies in the consistency in doing the sport itself," Jansen said in his book: 'Fit Teen's Diary'.

He continued, people who exercise in the morning is usually more consistent because not many other activities. But if you only have time to exercise in the afternoon or evening, then do not need to force yourself to exercise in the morning.

"Just make sure to rest first if the body is tired. Do not push yourself directly sports because it can endanger health," Jansen message.

In addition to still not much activity, more exercise is done in the morning for several other reasons. One of them is the air still feels fresher and the positive effects of the sport can get carried away as you start your daily activities. But there are also benefits to be had if you exercise at night. What is it?

"It can make you sleep better, and if you exercise in the gym, you will usually have more class and friends choices that you can take," says Jansen.


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