Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Kobe Bryant, legendary of NBA received Oscar


Kobe BryantKobe Bryant - Legendary NBA Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for nomination of best short animated film on Sunday, in Los Angeles. The six times champion of NBA received an award for “Dear Basketball” with 5 minutes durations. In this film, Bryant read a letter which talked about his love of basketball, which he wrote in 2015.

Bryant decided to end his career in 2016 when he was still part of LA Lakers. Bryant retired after using 2 player numbers for 20 years in LA Lakers.

In his speech after receiving the award, the 39 year old man talked about the influence of athlete to politics and culture.

He said, “As a basketball player, we have to shut our mouth and dribbling the ball seriously. But I am happy we are doing something more than just being silent like usual. Thank you Academy, for this amazing award.” 

His statement seemed to be directed to Laura Ingraham, Fox News presenter who criticized Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors and LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers for openly showing their dislike of US President Donald Trump.

She said, that they better watch their political comments or, as Bryant said, shut their mouth and dribble the ball.

“Dear Basketball” was written by Bryant and directed by Glen Keane based on Bryant’s letter in The Players’ Tribune, when announcing his retirement from basketball. 

Bryant was still the one who got the most points in basketball of all time. He only played for one team in 20 year and was placed third in all time NBA star list, with 33,645 points.





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