Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

A rare occurrence will happen at the end of March 2018


Blue MoonBlue Moon -  The world will experience another rare natural phenomenon: another Blue Moon is coming, which makes it appear twice in one year. This phenomenon is called “Double Blue Moon”. This phenomenon of Blue Moon never happen at the same time.

Blue Moon is a phenomenon in which a moon eclipse happens twice in the same month. Blue Moon is the term used to refer to the second eclipse that happens in that month.

In site, it is said that the first moon eclipse has happened in early March. The next eclipse, the Blue Moon, will happen at the end of March, more specifically at March 31 2018.

In science calendar, Double Blue Moon is called “Full Worm Moon”. The name was given by an American civilian from Algonquin tribe, who used moon to predict the change of season.

“When this moon appears, the soil will start to become tender, enough for worms to come out again. This phenomenon also invites other animals, like migrating birds, the real sign of the coming of spring. The roots will push their on the land and the earth start to rejuvenate after being asleep during winter,” wrote the almanac.

The Blue Moon that appears this March is the second Blue Moon in 2018. In January 2018, Blue Moon also appeared, with the first and second eclipse appearing at the early and the end of the month.

The Blue Moon that appears twice in one year is a very rare phenomenon. The last phenomenon happened in 1999 and it is predicted to happen again 2037.



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