Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

National Commission of Violence Against of Women highlights the incest cases


Mariana AmiruddinMariana Amiruddin - National Commission of Violence Against Women (Komnas) highlights the incest cases that happened to Indonesian girls.

The Commissioner Mariana Amiruddin said, when giving annual record 2018, in Jakarta on Wednesday, March 7 2018, from the 9409 cases of violence against women, 1210 of them were incestuous cases.

“Most of the perpetrators are blood fathers which are 425 cases, and then followed by uncles which are 322 cases. The rest were done by step fathers, blood brothers, grandfathers and cousins,” she explained.

The data shows that fathers and uncles, two people who were supposed to be the protectors of children, are no longer safe to be around with.

Sexual harassment in a form of incest were mostly reported to the police, district court or Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A).

Reports regarding violence against women are increasing lately,showing that women have become bolder in fighting back instead of shutting themselves off and let their family members get away with the crime.

The incestuous cases are the biggest homework for Indonesia to learn how to respond to the alarmingly increasing incidents. The home is not longer a safe place for children.

“Although punishments have been given to deter them, it does not change the numbers of sexual harassment. It shows there is disconnection between the analysis of the harassment cause with its handling,” she said.



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