Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Four things you should not to do when you have long distance relationship


IllustrationIllustration -  For those who have long distance relationship or LDR with your partner, there four things you should not do when finally meeting your partner, or else there is a chance you two will break up.

Having LDR is not easy. Even a small mistake can cause the couple to break up.

If you do not want the relationships you fight so hard to maintain goes to waste, then you better take in mind the four things you should not do when you finally meet after a long time:

1. Do not focus on your own business, focus entirely on your partner

Meeting the lover you have not met for long time should be the moment where you try to make them as happy as you could. So maximize the time you are spending with them, do not occupy yourself with your own business.

Do not be preoccupied with your Smartphone either, or they will feel unappreciated. When meeting each other, you should communicate with each other and forget other business you have.

2. Do not just talk about yourself, listen to their stories as well
When meeting your partner, you should not just talk about yourself. You should listen what they want to say as well. You are not the only one who want to be heard.

3. Do not mention the past mistake they did
You should not mention the mistake they once did. Especially for long distance relationship, it can cause your partner to be annoyed and cause a friction between you.

When meeting, it is better for you to talks about nice things like your future together or other plans you have. If you keep mentioning about past mistake, it may risk breaking up the relationship.

4. Do not search for things to blame
For long distance relationship couples, meeting each other is the time to talk about many things. But you should not search for something to blame them. Even when they were too busy to contact you before, you better not get angry or suspicious.



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