Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Five simple steps to organize your monthly budget


IllustrationIllustration -  A monthly budget is something that everyone need to do. There are several steps that can help you arranged the monthly budget.

Here are some steps that hopefully can help you minimize the monthly budget :

1. Make a budget
First of all, you must make a priority list such as; for food, monthly rent, house supply, and transportation. So you can calculate how much is your earning and your spending every month.

2. Write down everything you spend
This should be one of your biggest priorities among personal record-keeping requirements. For example, if you spend money for food, immediately make a note of this in a notebook or spreadsheet.

3. Use envelopes
You must use envelopes to separate your money, you must count how much will you need such as for food and for tranportation and put it in different envelope. This will be apply for the rest of the list, so you can know the budget you have spent after.

If there are any money left, you must keep it in the separate envelope.

Why should you keep it in the separate envelope? The reason is you do not spent all your money for useless things and can to saving your money, because sometimes you will need it for urgent things.

3. Make sure the budget is enough
It's very important to make your budget is enough until the end of month. Example : if you got paid in the second day of every month, you need to count your budget until the day before which first day of the month.

4. Be creative with the envelope
Instead of using the normal white and plain envelope, you can be more creative by add up some stickers or print some cute picture to cover the envelope. Using colorful pens and/or markers can be especially helpful in making this work.

5. Write on the front of each envelope a specific category that applies to your monthly budget, such as for food.

Place each bill inside the envelope, clearly mark the due date on the front and deposit the amount you’ve budgeted. Use the funds in the envelope to pay the bill when it’s due.


By doing these points, you can live more happily and relax knowing that you will rarely ran out of money and still have some left for the vacation.

Hopefully these tips can help you manage your budget. Enjoy!



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