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Enjoy the beautiful view of Teluk Jering in Kampar


Teluk Jering (TripRiau)Teluk Jering (TripRiau) -  One natural attractions that must be maintained and preserved by Tourism Department of Riau Province, namely Tourism Object Teluk Jering or better known as Love Island (Pulau Cinta).

Teluk Jering is located in a small village, the village is situated on the edge of the Kampar river and has a very interesting landscape that is a vast expanse of green grass and sand beach.

Teluk Jering or better known as Love Island, has a white sand beach and clean beaches like the edge of the sea. Teluk Jering has a vast expanse of green grass, in this place at certain times often seen the activities of people who are fishing, playing footballs, and herding buffalo

Many residents who come from Pekanbaru and other areas deliberately visit Teluk Jering for holidays, taking pictures, swimming, etc.

On this beach, there are also water sport such as banana boat, walking around the river by boat, buoy for swimming, umbrellas for leisure and more.

Teluk Jering village residents take advantage of the crowded moment of visit other people to sell food and beverages.

On the banks of the river is also seen the expanse of sand resembling the beach, which can be called by the local society with the name Love Island which is almost every day off visited by many people come from Pekanbaru City, for community events or family events take off saturation while enjoying the beautiful scenery and bathing in the river.

To go to Teluk Jering Village or Love Island, it can be reach by car and motorcycle approximately 40 minutes from Pekanbaru, not far from the bridge of Kampar river in Teratak Buluh.

About 1.5 kilometers from the long bridge of Kampar River, then turn right into the dirt road and the road conditions have some damage. You have to travel another 3 kilometers or 15 minutes to get to Teluk Jering or Love Island.


For tourists who are curious to see the beauty of Love Island attractions can immediately visit and enjoy the beautiful nature of the river with the grains of sand beaches.



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