Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Three simple way to know about your passion in life


IllustrationIllustration -  Passion or enormous interest is usually a role model for success. But many people do not have passion or do not know what their interests really are.

Here are some tips to find out about your passion :

1. Favourite things to do
Remember what you liked so much in the past. Such as cooking, writing, reading, or selling something.

With these various activities, you can be focus for your passion that will help life for the better.


2. Write down your dreams

Dreams become the first fuel, when your passion will weakness. Find out where these dreams come from so it can be matched with your daily habits. This way will make you more quickly aware of what exactly the interests and abilities are stored so far.

3. Look at the past and what are the things that keep you going

The past becomes the final proof of what your passion can be at the moment. Ask yourself, how can you survive to live, because this is the real way of connecting. When you have found the similarity of these three things, it is clear what you need to do to reach the interest forward.



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