Saturday, 25 May 2019

Many land that owned the Government of Meranti Islands Regency are uncertified


IllustrationIllustration - Land that owned by the Government of Meranti Islands Regency, Riau Province, there are still many which are not certified.

"Of the total 698 land parcels, only 126 plots which have certificates of property rights," said Head of Asset Division, Regional Finance and Asset Management Board (BPKAD) of Meranti Islands Regency, Marwan on Friday, March 9, 2018.

He said, the number of land which not certified is a legacy from the Bengkalis Regency. The land that submitted by Bengkalis is only 569 plots. While the certified only 121 plots.

"Then we searched again and found 3 more certificates and 31 of evidence of sale and purchase or evidence of grants and more," explained Marwan.

While the rest of the land is a procurement that made by the Government of Meranti Regency.

The District Government of Meranti continues to work to makes certificates of lands.

"In 2017, we only made certificates of 2 plots, and in 2018 we will do more, but we must have to check and inventory the problems before," Marwan said.

He said, in this year, target to makes certificate is about 25 to 30. But it must resolved the whole problem.

Head of Meranti Asset Division acknowledged that many of the Meranti District Government's land is still disputed. If they found any encounter such obstacles, they finished it to court.

"If there is a disaster, we will settle it to the court, so all parties can accept the result," he said.





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