Saturday, 25 May 2019

Meranti Islands must wait until five more years to get into RIPIN


Dedi Putra SHiDedi Putra SHi - Meranti Islands, Riau Province is apparently not included in the National Industrial Development Master Plan (RIPIN). The youngest regency in Riau seems to have to wait until five more years to get into RIPIN.

As we known in Riau Province, only 3 districts that included on RIPIN ie Siak Regency, Bengkalis Regency and Dumai City.

Meanwhile, through the Department of Industry and Trade, Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises (Disperindagkopukm), the Government of Meranti Islands Regency submitted a draft of Regional Regulation (Ranperda) of industrial development plan to Meranti Regional House of Representatives (DPRD).

"Even if, the draft of RIPIN should be revised to include Meranti District, it can only be done after 5 years," said Dedi Putra SHi, Chairman of the Pansus DPRD of Meranti Island Regency about Regional Regulation of Industry on Friday March 9 2018.

But with the note, the Industrial Development Plan of the Regency (RPK) should also be included in Riau Province Industrial Development Plan (RPIP).

Accompanied by the Secretary of the Special Committee (Pansus), Darsini and members of the Special Committee of Taufiek, Dedi explained, "No matter if the Government of Meranti Islands Regency prepare as an industrial area by making legal umbrella first, but later, it must be really guarded, and can be realized technically. We must not only fulfill the mandate of Act No. 3 of 2014 on Industry only, but how to realize this industrial estate will be real, "said Dedi.

Special Committee also has brought as many as 10 Regional Device Organizations (OPD) in Meranti. In order to determine the industrial estate will be more mature.

"A number of products proposed for the establishment of the industry namely, coffee, sago, coconut, agro industry, shipping, shipping, fishery and marine, "said Dedi, a member of Parliament Meranti from PPP Selatpanjang.

Previously, Mohammad Aza Fahroni said the proposal of Regional Regulation is the basis for the development of industrial areas.

After that it must made various steps, ranging from preparing Human Resources (HR) up to the development of the industrial area itself.






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