Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

DPRD members of Lima Puluh showing off their money in Singapore casino


The member of DPRD in front of casino in SingaporeThe member of DPRD in front of casino in Singapore - A shock act was done by the civilians of West Sumatra Province happens. Their representatives in Regional Representative Council (DPRD) of Limapuluh District, were reported showing off their money in front of a casino in Singapore.

Their action of posing in front of the casino was captured by a camera and uploaded in social media. The representatives were posing while holding up money in their hands like a billionaire.

Their action received some comments.
@AdiSurya_ST said, “Please enlighten them, regarding the DPRD members of Limapuluh District, West Sumatra, who did work visit to Batam, why
did they go to Singaporean casino instead, how could that happen?”

@Petir_libra said, “Wow... in West Sumatra there were raids for PEKAT (Homeland Unity Defenders) routinely. But they were taking pictures in casino instead. What is it do you want to show.”

Meanwhile, the head of Limapuluh DPRD, Safaruddin Datuak Bandaro Rajo admitted that the people in the photo really were the members of DPRD.

However, he denied that they were gambling in the casino. “We were just taking pictures in front of the casino, we did not go in or even gamble,” Sarifuddin said to as cited by BBC Indonesia, on Friday March 9.

They were doing work visit to Batam, Kepulauan Riau and decided to go to Singapore because it close from Batam.






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