Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Effect of plastic surgery, a woman from the UK fears her implants will explode


Star DelguidiceStar Delguidice -  Every woman wants to get a perfect body shape. In fact, they are willing to perform various plastic surgery. It was also chosen by a woman from Birmingham, England named Star Delguidice.

Star revealed that she regretted her decision to have her buttocks enhanced and that she now fears her implants will explode.

The British woman said she had undergone many surgeries to beautify her body without looking for side effects from the surgery that she had undergone.

Even in an interview, Star had to do it standing up because of the pain caused by his implants in the buttocks.

Star says that growing up as a Jehovah's Witness closes her from many things as a child and her decision to have various plastic surgery came because she never felt happy with her performance.

Star said:

"I've never been happy with my performance, I was zero, very skinny and have no beautiful body shape."

"I really do not realize what it feels like and it just makes me nervous. It's crazy."

Star had surgery for fat transferred from hip to buttocks.

However, the negative effects of the implant, making Star should follow therapy because of stress and anxiety caused by implants. She now realized that plastic surgery was dangerous.


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