Monday, 25 Mar 2019

A female student in Tangerang harrased by two women became viral


The incidentThe incident -  A female student was harassed by two young women on Saturday, March 10 2018. The incident was taped and spread in social media and the video became viral.

In the video, two women with tattoos are hitting and kicking a young girl who is wearing a school uniform.

The victim, who is seen wearing hijab, was crying hysterically and asked for forgiveness. But the two women do not seem appeased and keep hitting and kicking her blindly.

The incident happened in Moderland shop in Cipete Pekojan, Tangerang. The situation was very quiet at the time. No one came to the rescue of the young student. After this video became viral, Tangerang police department stepped in.

The police investigate the incident and captured the two women. The victim, WN, is only 14 years old. The harassers are L (15) and Yunita (17). They lived in Cikokol, Tangerang. The victim is still in middle school while the perpetrators are unemployed.

“The motive is that the perpetrator’s boyfriend was taken by the victim and she could not accept it,” said the head of human resources department of Tangerang police, Commissioner Manurung, Sunday, March 11.

Some evidence, like the clothes worn by the perpetrators in the video, was secured by the police.



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